After Graduation…What Becomes of Life ?

Hey Fam!

Over the next few days/weeks or so I will be posting pics to give you all a visual of my life so far after graduating last May! After graduation I accepted an AmeriCorps position. AmeriCorps is a national service program dedicated to changing the communities in the U.S. There are more than 75,000 working members who are apart of this national program. This program places volunteers at various locations throughout the country that implement plans to handle pressing issues in the community such as poverty, homelessness, education and etc. One of the programs I worked for was here in Orlando, where my job was to serve as a volunteer/mentor at a local school in the community. It was a wonderful experience that has taught me to be more patient, be more kind and just how important my skills are to help the lives of others. My group of kids that I mentored for a year were so inspirational because they inspired me to not only be a good role model, but to truly learn because how can you teach if you’re not willing to also be a student ? Be on the look out for pictures!

~ With Love




Have you ever wondered why some people refuse to change? Or do you wonder how is it that people can continue making the same mistakes all of their lives? People make decisions and then call them mistakes when the consequences are negative. Well as my pastor would say it is because they are living in a state of self-deception. When we deceive ourselves into believing our own lies, then we don’t desire change. In a self-deceived state a person will think they are right, when they are actually wrong. For example, sometimes we hold on to toxic relationships because we have deceived ourselves into actually believing that the relationship is good for us, despite it being filled with manipulation and mind games. I have seen so many friends and family deceive themselves into believing that nothing is wrong, and the toxic relationship benefits them more than it really does. Sometimes it is the opposite. We will deceive ourselves into believing that we are all alone in this world. I know personally there are times when I need help, but won’t ask for it. Over the past year, I have found out that help is all around me. There are people who are willing to be there for me and help me grow as a person if I just open my mouth and say, “I need you”. Yet, for years I had deceived myself into believing that I was alone. Yes, it’s very possible to be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. But I am learning that the more I reach out to others, the more they reach back to grab me. And the more I open my heart then those “invisible walls” that were blocking my growth continue to fall down.

~ With Love,


Know Your Worth

Sorry my loves, I have not communicated with you as much as I would like to. Life after college has not been a breeze however I have learned that life teaches you lessons outside of the textbook. And those lessons we learn outside of the textbook are the ones about building relationships, falling in and out of love, finding your purpose or passion in life, and most importantly learning who you are as a person. On the journey of learning, one must learn to respect their self-worth. By this I mean do not settle for less and do not let others keep you down. You know the saying, they can’t keep a good woman down. Well it’s true, they can’t! (Or a good man lol)!

Know your worth queen. Because this world will never love you. They will taunt you and manipulate your talent just to use you. Yes, they will work to abuse you and then tell you that the source of the problem is…you! You let them treat you however they want, instead of setting standards you go with the flow. Sometimes the flow will make you give up your throne and sit down low. I’m sorry, but wait I am not sorry! I am not sorry that I refuse to eat the crumbs you throw at me! I am not angry, I just refuse to allow you to destroy everything that is me.You have to have a queen’s mentality. That means you won’t accept any less than God’s best. Life is meant for you to live abundantly, not in worry, pain or hostility. Let the bitterness go and peace transforms your soul. When you learn to accept yourself, you won’t need validation from anyone else. Know your worth queen.



I came to the realization today that our life is truly about the choices we make. Albert Camus said it best, “life is the sum of all your choices”. Everyday we make decisions that will impact our lives and the lives of those around us. My goal is to make the best decisions possible. We have to understand that life is about investment. Investing in ourselves to become better people is necessary. And investing in others around us is also necessary. You are an investment, so make wise choices that will better your life. Even in the midst of trials and challenges I remind myself that everyday is a chance for me to grow. Everyday is another opportunity to get closer to my goals.



You can live your life worrying about the people who are negative and don’t really care about you or you can choose to stay positive. You can focus on the people who hold their head down when they see you but pretend they were your friends and so called family or you can move forward by inviting new people into your world. Everyday is a choice, and I choose to live the best life God possibly has for me. Everyone will not accept you and everyone will not love you, but you have to know what your purpose is and carry out that purpose regardless. Kisses and goodnight.


Journey to A Pure Heart

There are times in life when you are completely fed up…with yourself. Over the past several years I have had some very good experiences and some very bad ones. In all of that I have reached a point where I truly want to let go and let God. By this I mean, I don’t want to carry around the heavy burdens of past mistakes and bad situations that left a residue on my heart. David said in Psalm 51:10, ” Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” In a few verses prior in verse 7, he stated, “Cleanse me with hyssop and I will be clean; wash me and I will be whiter than snow.” We all get to a point where we want a clean slate and need our hearts to be whiter than snow. Rather you were hurt by a friend, rejected by your peers or whatever the case may be I am pretty sure you’ve said the same thing, cleanse me for I need renewal. Each day we are given a choice to get up and create something new. We have the choice to be productive and we have the choice to love despite all of the hateful things we may have encountered in the past. Tomorrow is not promised, so I choose to live today in love. Instead of reiterating the negative words people have said to me over and over in my head, I will speak words of life over myself. Instead of focusing on all the mistakes I may have made, I choose to focus on the good I have done and how my mistakes taught me valuable life experiences. If you want to be free you have to let God work in your life and set you free. No it’s not going to be easy. But when you allow yourself to get rid of all the negative that’s been holding you back, watch how happier and more productive you will be. You will become whole.


Positive Thoughts….Keep Going

You know how you scroll on Facebook during your downtime to read the funny little posts? Well, I was doing this today and I read something that makes a lot of sense. The post said, negative people need drama like it’s oxygen, stay positive and take their breath away. This is so true. People can come into your life and end up becoming some of the most negative naysayers you’ve ever been around. But it’s our job to guard our hearts and our minds. Philippians 4:8 states, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Sometimes when we have been around negative people for a long period of time their negative words begin to sink in. It’s as if your soul is slowly being destroyed. Well the only way to overcome negativity is to counteract it with positive thoughts, positive habits, and take a new path. Trust me when I say it won’t be easy. Sometimes it’s the people closest to us that present the most negative words and actions, but if that is the case then you have to remember that keeping your faith is what’s most important.