Winter Season

Just as in nature seasons in our lives change. As seasons change sometimes we find ourselves at a point where the body and mind just need to rest and recuperate from all that we put ourselves through (good and bad). I have learned that it is absolutely ok and important to give your mind and body the time it needs to slow down, reflect, heal and then progress forward. Just because we may not be blooming in a particular moment in time or season, doesn’t mean we are dead inside.
It just means we are getting water and nutrients right where we need it the most, at our roots (metaphorically speaking), aka our spirit. I have a plant that I purchased 2 years ago. The plant lived for about 5-6 months before the leaves fell off and it died. Or so I thought, because more than a year later starting about 2 months ago, I looked in the pot which I continued to keep outside and I saw that some leaves were sprouting. I was shocked! Now the leaves continue to sprout and grow taller. My plant is slowly but surely coming back to life. My point is maybe it was never dead, maybe the plant was just resting until its time to bloom once again.

Lady V


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