Have you ever wondered why some people refuse to change? Or do you wonder how is it that people can continue making the same mistakes all of their lives? People make decisions and then call them mistakes when the consequences are negative. Well as my pastor would say it is because they are living in a state of self-deception. When we deceive ourselves into believing our own lies, then we don’t desire change. In a self-deceived state a person will think they are right, when they are actually wrong. For example, sometimes we hold on to toxic relationships because we have deceived ourselves into actually believing that the relationship is good for us, despite it being filled with manipulation and mind games. I have seen so many friends and family deceive themselves into believing that nothing is wrong, and the toxic relationship benefits them more than it really does. Sometimes it is the opposite. We will deceive ourselves into believing that we are all alone in this world. I know personally there are times when I need help, but won’t ask for it. Over the past year, I have found out that help is all around me. There are people who are willing to be there for me and help me grow as a person if I just open my mouth and say, “I need you”. Yet, for years I had deceived myself into believing that I was alone. Yes, it’s very possible to be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. But I am learning that the more I reach out to others, the more they reach back to grab me. And the more I open my heart then those “invisible walls” that were blocking my growth continue to fall down.

~ With Love,



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