After Graduation…What Becomes of Life ?

Hey Fam!

Over the next few days/weeks or so I will be posting pics to give you all a visual of my life so far after graduating last May! After graduation I accepted an AmeriCorps position. AmeriCorps is a national service program dedicated to changing the communities in the U.S. There are more than 75,000 working members who are apart of this national program. This program places volunteers at various locations throughout the country that implement plans to handle pressing issues in the community such as poverty, homelessness, education and etc. One of the programs I worked for was here in Orlando, where my job was to serve as a volunteer/mentor at a local school in the community. It was a wonderful experience that has taught me to be more patient, be more kind and just how important my skills are to help the lives of others. My group of kids that I mentored for a year were so inspirational because they inspired me to not only be a good role model, but to truly learn because how can you teach if you’re not willing to also be a student ? Be on the look out for pictures!

~ With Love



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