Know Your Worth

Sorry my loves, I have not communicated with you as much as I would like to. Life after college has not been a breeze however I have learned that life teaches you lessons outside of the textbook. And those lessons we learn outside of the textbook are the ones about building relationships, falling in and out of love, finding your purpose or passion in life, and most importantly learning who you are as a person. On the journey of learning, one must learn to respect their self-worth. By this I mean do not settle for less and do not let others keep you down. You know the saying, they can’t keep a good woman down. Well it’s true, they can’t! (Or a good man lol)!

Know your worth queen. Because this world will never love you. They will taunt you and manipulate your talent just to use you. Yes, they will work to abuse you and then tell you that the source of the problem is…you! You let them treat you however they want, instead of setting standards you go with the flow. Sometimes the flow will make you give up your throne and sit down low. I’m sorry, but wait I am not sorry! I am not sorry that I refuse to eat the crumbs you throw at me! I am not angry, I just refuse to allow you to destroy everything that is me.You have to have a queen’s mentality. That means you won’t accept any less than God’s best. Life is meant for you to live abundantly, not in worry, pain or hostility. Let the bitterness go and peace transforms your soul. When you learn to accept yourself, you won’t need validation from anyone else. Know your worth queen.


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