Life’s Woes

You miss out on life when you sit around feeling sorry for yourself.  It’s important to realize bad things happen and sometimes there isn’t anything we can do to prevent them.  However, you can choose how you will respond to the situations in your life and how you will continue to move forward.  Sometimes we allow ourselves to get stuck in the mud because we are constantly focusing on the negative, instead of finding a solution.  Also, there are some days that we miss out on possible opportunities, blessings in disguise and the good parts of life because we’re focused just that much on the negative. Don’t miss out on life. Learn to take the good with the bad, and enjoy the good times as they come. Several months ago I embarked on the journey of marriage life, and everything was super exciting. Then my parents decided to get a divorce, and  my mother moved in with her pastor. This was nearly unbearable for me as I watched her downsize from a comfortable living space to a small bedroom for her and my teenage sister. At this point, I wanted to run back home and help out financially as much as possible, however that won’t work because I now have my own financial responsibilities with my husband. However, we are all taking things one day at a time. We are slowly learning how to work together as a family and reach out to each other during times of need. It’s during those times that we laugh at all that has happened and work on a solution to get to a better state of mind. Soon my mom will be back on her feet, and although my immediate family won’t ever be the same, our morals and values still remain intact. Also, my husband has been there along the way to help me deal emotionally with my parents splitting. Sometimes things happen and it really isn’t in your hands to decide what happens. It’s at these vulnerable moments that you truly learn to let go and let God.



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