Patience in Growth


 Lately there have been many changes in my life over such a short period of time that my head spins! Now that I am engaged, I am trying to prepare for the next move…marriage. Other things that I am preparing for are graduation next year, and figuring out where I want to go for grad school after that. However, sometimes I find myself getting really impatient with all of my plans. Some days I just want to be finished with my undergrad studies, although I graduate this upcoming summer. And some days I really just want to be married and living with my soon to be husband instead of apartment hunting, paying fees, and buying new things for the apartment once we make that transition. All of the change, makes me just want the hours on the clock to speed by so I can say, yes I’m finished with everything I was planning, and now can move on to something else. However, life doesn’t work this way. Also, I realize that if I rush through everything, then I won’t actually enjoy the moment. Yes, how cliche, but it’s true! Every day while I see these changes take place in my life I realize there is a change taking place in me as a person. And with that I must be patient! Growth takes time. It’s just like my hair transition which is still in the process. A few days ago I decided to cover up my nappy kinky curls and have my hair braided! This way I can keep my hands out of my head and focus on other things while my hair slowly grows. In the same way I need to focus on enjoying every moment for what it is.


~Lady V


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