Clutter Free

Hello everyone,

Just recently me and my long time best-friend/boyfriend got engaged! Whoop, whoop! So as one would expect, I am now looking into transitioning from my single life into married life. Daily, I ask family and friends questions as I research, and plan ahead for when we take our vows and move in together. So far we have decided that although the actual ceremony is next year, we are going to get our certificate early within the next few months so that it’s out of the way. As I begin this new journey, I am cleaning out my closet…literally! Over the past several days, I have moved things around just to see what I have in there. It wasn’t until now that I realize I have a lot of junk I don’t need anymore. And when you are about to move there’s no need in taking crap with you. This made me think…hmmm how much junk to we hold onto as we begin to make transitions in our life? It’s very difficult to grow if you don’t have any free space in your life for that growth. I’ve completely outgrown where I am now. I realized I had everything packed away, so packed until the point that some items were damaged. Again this made me wonder, do we damage ourselves as we try to expand but pack it all up so tight? We bottle our emotions, instead of exploring what our issues are and finding solutions. We bottle our dreams instead of chasing them because we feel that the time isn’t right. Maybe the time isn’t right because you are bound to old issues that you must let go of. Yes, my friend I think the time has come for the both of us to be clutter free in our lives. This is the time to make changes, and make room for something new.




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