Just a regular day

For the past 2 months I have been transitioning from relaxed hair to a more natural state. My reasons for making the “big chop” as they say, were only because I had too! I am being honest here! My hair was a decent length, but I just didn’t know how to properly take care of it. So I went to the salon and opted for a weave instead of a relaxer. Well what a big mistake! For a person like me, with itchy dry scalp that’s prone to dandruff this was a big mistake. A big mistake because the weave didn’t allow my scalp to breathe, basically smothering my hair causing the dandruff to get worse as well as the itching. A month later when I took out the weave, (despite getting my scalp and the weave washed by a professional), my hair looked horrible. Thus, I went very Alice in Wonderland, and said, “off with my hair”! Oh well things happen. And for the most part I am not upset about my transition. No this was not something I seriously researched  and planned out. Instead it is something that I have begun to embrace. I am embracing a new me, and embracing new/better ways to take care of my hair and scalp. As a matter of fact I have been able to combat my dandruff issue with various shampoos and oils. Also, I have now learned the importance of keeping my hair moisturized. This “transition”, isn’t apart of a fad for me, it’s becoming my lifestyle. I realize that sometimes in life you will have to “transition”. You may not see it coming and you may not  necessarily want to transition in the beginning. Yet, once you begin to embrace this new phase in your life, you will begin to see the positive benefits from letting go of the old and creating something totally brand new for yourself.



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