Push Me

Dear Friend,

Hello, how are you? Yes, I know that it has been tough these last few months of the year. With so much to complete before the start of a new year, the pressure is up…and unlike all of the times before it feels like it’s up ten times higher, am I right ? Well, that’s because it is higher. Imagine change as a bomb exploding. When the bomb explodes, the entire area reaches it’s peak overpressure…causing a shockwave to be released, thus whatever structure or person around to feel the “force”, behind that impact. In other words, the change that is heading towards you is building pressure in your life, ready to blast everything that once existed, away. Trust me, this is not going to be an easy feat for you to endure, but the newness that will result in it all, will be worth every bit of trouble. Let your pressure push you towards a higher future.

~With Love, Lady


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