Calm in the Storm

Dear Friend,

How has everything been going for you lately? Are you still spending your days thinking about the next one? I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and in part two she is traveling through India where she stays at an Ashram ( a religious retreat or community) , in order to become a better yogi/human being. On her stay in the Ashram, Elizabeth practices mediation every single day, around 5 a.m. However, she is struggling with one factor…her mind. Yes, in order to properly meditate one would need to remain calm, within and outside of themselves. Unfortunately, she can not stop her mind from wandering and racing throughout her meditation times. We all struggle with our minds on a daily basis. In the bible there is a verse found in Romans 8:7 that states “the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s love, nor can it do so”. This I believe to be true. Our minds can be very hostile territories, causing us to fear instead of fly, hide instead of fight. We are the ones who claim to be in control of our thoughts and perceptions however most of the time we are not. Most of the time we allow our own minds to talk us out of amazing possibilities, by speaking doubt to ourselves. We are the ones who sit up all night wandering how life should be, without making any actual moves to change the situation. (Keep in mind, that at 3 a.m., unless there’s a serious crisis, the only thing you need to change is your sleeping pattern, jk). So my friend, I have made it my personal goal to gain more control over my own mind. They say that the mind is a terrible thing to waste, and it truly is. Therefore, I will focus on taking everyday one day at a time. The steps you take today, will create your tomorrow, so store up some energy.

~ With Love, Lady


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