What’s Left To Give?

Dear Friend,

  Today in class I watched a video of Steve Jobs giving a speech at a Stanford graduation ceremony. The ironic thing is Steve Jobs, dropped out of college in his early twenties, yet years later found himself leading the technology world, and giving speeches to college grads. What I took most from his speech is his drive to follow his passion. No matter how rough it got, or how much he seemed like a failure for dropping out of school and living on his friends floors, he kept on pursuing what his heart’s desires. In his speech to these Stanford graduates he stated, “you are already naked, there’s no reason not to follow your heart”. By this he means, we don’t have anything to lose. Jobs described how as humans we live, and we all meet the inevitable…death. Thus why not live as if it’s your last? That’s a good question. Why do we settle for what we don’t want, in a life that only lasts so long? Why don’t we follow our heart, even when all the odds seem stacked against us? Technically, the odds will always be stacked against you. There are people who don’t want you to succeed, then there’s the personal fear you allow to rest in your heart.We fear this life coming to an end, yet we don’t enjoy the journey while we are on it. My question for you my friend, is what do you have left?

~ With Love, Lady


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