What’s Left To Give?

Dear Friend,   Today in class I watched a video of Steve Jobs giving a speech at a Stanford graduation ceremony. The ironic thing is Steve Jobs, dropped out of college in his early twenties, yet years later found himself leading the technology world, and giving speeches to college grads. What I took most from […]

Push Me

Dear Friend, Hello, how are you? Yes, I know that it has been tough these last few months of the year. With so much to complete before the start of a new year, the pressure is up…and unlike all of the times before it feels like it’s up ten times higher, am I right ? […]

Calm in the Storm

Dear Friend, How has everything been going for you lately? Are you still spending your days thinking about the next one? I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and in part two she is traveling through India where she stays at an Ashram ( a religious retreat or community) , in order […]

Who Is She?

She found her fun underneath his tongue. Relief from life through the release of his life. Nobody ever held the gun to her head, Yet she freely crawled into his bed. Modern Day Magdalene, a veil covered in shame. Living day to day in the shadows, you can see the regret from miles away. Yet, […]

Welcome My Loves!

Welcome my loves! Welcome to my blog! This is a place where you will learn and where you will grow. It’s my goal to inspire you to reach beyond boundaries in any circumstance as well as just be honest with yourself as I pour out my heart on the pages to come. May you cry, […]